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  • See what Andrew Jenkins has to say.

      They helped me understand the basics of nutrition, importance of the right food and meal build up suggestions. Always on hand to help with any questions and listens to what restrictions I have and find solutions. Looking forward to working with PH Nutriti...

    • Just sign up. Its been the best thing I've done in 2 years.
      annie woodburne
    • I was burnt out and CrossFit Shapesmiths bought me back
      chris lutterodt
    • See what David Harrison has to say.

        I have been working with the pH Nutrition team for over 9 months and have dropped over 10kg, feel energised and competed in multiple competitions. Fantastic advice that produce results!...

      • ...more support than I've ever received from a group of coaches...
        gul erke
      • See what Harriet Drewry has to say.

          After having a really tough start to the year and feeling low with over eating and using food and drink for comfort I was in a complete hole. The diet plan structure is great and simplifies everything to help you build easy meal to prep. The daily check i...

        • CrossFit helped me, I love it.
          matteo bossi
        • See what Raoul Hooghuis has to say.

            I did the weight loss program and it shed 4kg off. What is awesome is that no food is cut out like carbs, just a reprogramming of the amounts and when to eat them. Also, I’m not a kale/spelt flour kinda guy and this program still worked for me on “nor...


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